Casino Laws

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GTG is dedicated to promoting gaming and betting at the highest international levels. The firm has been in involved with casino gaming and betting since inception. The core aim of its iGaming services is to ensure that players and service providers alike are fully protected within the casino laws framework as per the regulations set in the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Licensing, Incorporation & Intellectual property

One of the casino and gaming services offered at GTG advocates is licensing and incorporation. Malta is a popular choice for many IGaming firms in Europe, and beyond, due to its tax and licensing incentives. As such, GTG has endeavored to help interested investors find their footing within the jurisdiction as they setup their gaming businesses. This is made possible by facilitating licensing as well as the incorporation of incoming firms. GTG advocated also provides solutions to help with protection of intellectual property (IP), e.g. confidentiality, patents, and designs.

Tax advice

Another key pillar of GTG as far as gaming and betting is concerned is offering tax advice to clients in relation to the laws of Malta and the MGA. GTG seeks to ensure that its clients maximize their profits by making the right tax decisions. One of them is choosing Malta as their base of operations. Others include incorporating the client’s business into an entity that attracts the least tax, as well as filling tax information correctly to avoid penalties.

Building partnerships

As with any other business, iGaming, betting and lotteries require capital to establish and expand. GTG plays a key role in linking its clients to the right strategic partners to ensure their prosperity. This includes financiers, venture partners, and angel investors. This is especially crucial for new international businesses that need guidance while operating in Malta for the very first time.

Conflict resolution

GTG is also keen act as a go-between during conflicts. This includes conflicts between a gaming firm and its players, firm(s) against firm(s), firm(s) against the MGA, and player(s) against the MGA. This includes conflicts related, but not limited, to privacy, confidentiality, finances, contracts, and professionalism. Through mediation and arbitration methodologies, GTG can bring conflicting parties to an agreement without hurting brand reputations or running cordial partnerships. Where necessary, GTG can seek litigation (prosecution or defence) at tribunals and in court.

Whether it’s setting up a gaming or betting business in Malta, seeking to acquire, merge or dispose a gaming business or even looking to settle a dispute, can be of service.