Becoming an attorney in the UK

by admin

There are many people who look at becoming a solicitor in the UK. The career of a solicitor is often described as a challenging, yet rewarding career path. This article looks at the career path and what is required to become a solicitor.

What personal attributes do you need to become a solicitor?

For those considering a career in law, it is important to consider if you personality is matched to this career.

A solicitor is a client’s confidential source and they need to be able to combine their knowledge of the UK legal system and their people skills. People who succeed in the industry are often personable, with excellent people skills, as well as being versatile and committed.

What does a solicitor do?

A solicitor can work for either a private individual, or commercially. This could be working for a business, helping them promote their business, as well as assisting them with the legal aspects involved in running a business.

If a solicitor chooses to work for an individual, this could be working on legal sectors such as buying and selling houses, drawing up wills and assisting in divorce proceedings.

How do you study to become a solicitor and how much does it cost?

To become a solicitor, the first part of the career path is to get your law degree. Each degree is approximately three years long, with a maximum cost of £9,000 a year for tuition fees.

If you degree is not a law degree, you will need to convert with the Common Professional Examination/Graduate Diploma in Law and the costs for this course can be between £3,320-£8,950 for the year.

Once you have a relevant law degree, either through a law degree through a university, or the Common Professional Examination/Graduate Diploma in Law, then it is required that candidates sit the Legal Practice Course. This costs approximately £8,500 to £12,900.

Total costs for studying to become a solicitor, can be on average, £25,000 – £50,000, before beginning training with a legal firm.