Three top earners in the profession of Law


Entertainment and Media Law

In an age where social media dominates, copyright infringement and plagiarism are at the heart of many squabbles. Entertainment and media lawyers are fast becoming some of the highest ranking earners who work within this particular genre of law. They advise on all manner of matters ranging from copyright disputes to film/TV/theater/music and authorship contracts. They also negotiate record industry deals incorporating those all important royalty percentages. With social media being used as a platform for slander and insult, media lawyers will never be short of work.

Family Law

Those who choose to specialize in family law will always be in high demand. Their workload pertains to all aspects of family life; divorce, custody, maintenance payments, child visitation rights, property distribution as well as domestic violence and/or disputes. Family Law representatives often double up as private investigators, particularly in divorce proceedings. Acting as mediators between sparring spouses requires a cool head, as a result you can expect to pay cool fees as well. With the introduction of recent legislation regarding same sex marriage, lawyers working in the family law arena can look forward to an ever expanding clientele.

Employment Law

Employment litigators represent both employees and employers in situations where attempts at resolution have failed. At issue may be claims of discrimination or harassment. Employment lawyers are consulted regarding violations of workplace safety as well as disagreements relating to benefits such as insurance, workers compensation, or pensions. With the recession still impacting on the general workforce, other aspects of employment law are taking center stage. By and large, employers have had the upper hand in a job-poor market. This has lead to an increase in complaints regarding the minimum wage threshold, zero hour contracts, poor provision regarding sick leave and a host of other indiscrepancies. Ironically, labour lawyers may very well turn out to be least affected.